LEADERS  (click on badge for job description)

Ray Fumi

Chuck Murach

Bert Gangolf

Paul Kolarczyk

Mike Larson

Larry Cybulski

Ginamarie Doran

Jose Flores

Jesse Garcia

Kim Jacobson

Mike Johnson

Paul Scheppe

Maria Cabrera - Cit. in the Community, Personal Management

Michael Cipich - Cit. in the Community, Communications

Lawrence Cybulski - Chess

Ginamarie Doran - Music

Ray Fumi - Cooking, Fishing

Albert Gangolf - Fire Safety, Photography

Laurelyn Goralczk - Lifesaving, Reading, Swimming

Chris Jacobson - Emergency Prep, Family Life, Fire Safety, First Aid, Safety

Michael Johnson - Cit. in the Community

Janet Juricic-Wieser - Disability Awareness, Emergency Prep, First Aid, Leatherwork, Medicine, Public Speaking

Paul Kolarczyk - Cit. in the Nation, Cit. in the World, Envir. Science, Mammal Study, Nature

Leilane Linn - Home Repair, Indian Lore

Chuck Murach - Camping, Cooking, Electronics, Fish and Wildlife, Nuclear Science, Safety, Wilderness Survival

Eamon Polanski - Communications, Personal Fitness, Public Safety

Kurt Renner - Aviation, Cycling, Metalwork, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting

Bert Gangolf

The most important object in Boy Scout training is to educate, not instruction.

- Sir Robert Baden-Powell